Summer Expectations


Unlike most people I will not be working out like crazy to get in shape for the summer. I will work out once in a while, but definitely not obsessively. I will be exploring, like always, but this time different types of restaurants. There is so much a person can do but most people spend most of their time trying to impress someone instead of actually enjoying themselves and being happy with what they have. As you can see, in the picture above I have this delicious plate of pork chow mein in front of me as I laugh my guts away. My boyfriend and I are both explorers and dreamers. We want so much so we compromise and make it happen. For example, one of our main goals is to be happy and not let anything ruin that. We push each other to do things that we believe we can’t do so we can teach each other that anything is possible. School is something we’re always pushing each other for. So we can finish school and possibly leave California. So this summer he will be pushing me to focus on my summer courses so that after I finish the course we can continue to explore different restaurants in different locations since we live 3 hours away from each other.