Excel and its Perfect Imperfections

In the beginning of the semester I knew absolutely nothing about Excel. As time passes and we get more Excel assignments I have learned a lot about Excel and I find it fun. I feel like it makes doing things easier. Although, I do still get confused at times. It is hard to choose what feature I like the most about Excel since it all works magic, but I’d probably say the “Sort & Filter” feature because It puts things in order for me and it is just wonderful. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Ever since I became treasure in the AVID club in high school. If I would have more knowledge about this before it would have made my life easier. My least favorite feature about Excel would have to be making scatter plot graphs or inserting graphs because I get really confused when inserting information, but I’ll get the hang of it eventually. Although, that is where Professor DeBerg’s YouTube videos come in hand because they are extremely helpful. When there is an assignment that has been assigned and I don’t understand what to do I just go to YouTube, search “Curtis DeBerg”, click on is YouTube account page and scroll through the videos until I find the one I need. All the videos that we have been told to watch to learn something new from Excel makes is easier for me to navigate more quickly through Excel and finish all my projects in no time.