Rating the U-Course

One of the many things that I enjoy about the class is the group work. Being able to interact with each other while doing our work makes the workload given to us much easier for us to do. Another thing that I like about this course is that the work that we do for homework we always do a group assignment during class that is the same thing as the homework, so by the time we start doing the homework I finish faster because I understand what was supposed to be done. The third thing and my favorite thing about the U-Course is the fact that it covers Statistics, which means I won’t have to worry about taking that class next semester. 

For our first midterm I didn’t know what I needed to study since we weren’t given a study guide with questions that would give us an idea of how the test would look like. We were told what we should expect, but it’s such a broad subject that there isn’t just one thing that we can study from the readings or assignments we were given. Not having a study guide did make it difficult because we did SEVERAL readings in the class and I honestly don’t remember most of what I read after I have finished reading it. I feel like giving us a study guide to prepare us for the performance review would be easier for all of us, especially to be well prepared.