Summer Expectations


Unlike most people I will not be working out like crazy to get in shape for the summer. I will work out once in a while, but definitely not obsessively. I will be exploring, like always, but this time different types of restaurants. There is so much a person can do but most people spend most of their time trying to impress someone instead of actually enjoying themselves and being happy with what they have. As you can see, in the picture above I have this delicious plate of pork chow mein in front of me as I laugh my guts away. My boyfriend and I are both explorers and dreamers. We want so much so we compromise and make it happen. For example, one of our main goals is to be happy and not let anything ruin that. We push each other to do things that we believe we can’t do so we can teach each other that anything is possible. School is something we’re always pushing each other for. So we can finish school and possibly leave California. So this summer he will be pushing me to focus on my summer courses so that after I finish the course we can continue to explore different restaurants in different locations since we live 3 hours away from each other.

My Progessive Team & I

My team and I have been making a lot of progress as the semester comes along. We work well together and manage to get everything done before the deadline. If an assignment gets graded poorly we try to fix things to get a higher grade. We are dedicated to doing good and hopefully getting noticed by an entrepreneur. I contributed to our success by participating, giving my opinion, and applying knowledge to the group.  I will continue to participate in the group assignments, stay on track and reminding them to do assignments so they can also be on task with what is going on throughout the course.

The Beautiful Sights of Chico


Chico has been and will continue to be a great experience for me. The Polaroid Instant Film camera that I have in my hands is my baby, I love taking it with me everywhere so I can capture all the beautiful things I see when I go exploring. Capturing the moment is important to me, especially since every moment becomes an unforgettable memory. Since this picture was taken outside it demonstrates that I like to be outdoors. Another reason I chose this picture is because my boyfriend took the picture and he is the one that I explore with. If it’s not exploring the beautiful outdoors that Chico has to offer then it is exploring every restaurant in town.

Excel and its Perfect Imperfections

In the beginning of the semester I knew absolutely nothing about Excel. As time passes and we get more Excel assignments I have learned a lot about Excel and I find it fun. I feel like it makes doing things easier. Although, I do still get confused at times. It is hard to choose what feature I like the most about Excel since it all works magic, but I’d probably say the “Sort & Filter” feature because It puts things in order for me and it is just wonderful. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Ever since I became treasure in the AVID club in high school. If I would have more knowledge about this before it would have made my life easier. My least favorite feature about Excel would have to be making scatter plot graphs or inserting graphs because I get really confused when inserting information, but I’ll get the hang of it eventually. Although, that is where Professor DeBerg’s YouTube videos come in hand because they are extremely helpful. When there is an assignment that has been assigned and I don’t understand what to do I just go to YouTube, search “Curtis DeBerg”, click on is YouTube account page and scroll through the videos until I find the one I need. All the videos that we have been told to watch to learn something new from Excel makes is easier for me to navigate more quickly through Excel and finish all my projects in no time.

Rating the U-Course

One of the many things that I enjoy about the class is the group work. Being able to interact with each other while doing our work makes the workload given to us much easier for us to do. Another thing that I like about this course is that the work that we do for homework we always do a group assignment during class that is the same thing as the homework, so by the time we start doing the homework I finish faster because I understand what was supposed to be done. The third thing and my favorite thing about the U-Course is the fact that it covers Statistics, which means I won’t have to worry about taking that class next semester. 

For our first midterm I didn’t know what I needed to study since we weren’t given a study guide with questions that would give us an idea of how the test would look like. We were told what we should expect, but it’s such a broad subject that there isn’t just one thing that we can study from the readings or assignments we were given. Not having a study guide did make it difficult because we did SEVERAL readings in the class and I honestly don’t remember most of what I read after I have finished reading it. I feel like giving us a study guide to prepare us for the performance review would be easier for all of us, especially to be well prepared.